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Passport and Travel Document

PASSPORT means a valid passport which has been issued to a person by or on behalf of the Government of which he/she is a subject or citizen and includes any form of valid document of identity issued for the purpose of travel by any Government and recognized as a travel document by the Government of Malaysia.

Possession of Passport/Travel Document

The passports / travel documents are the property of the Government of Malaysia and may be withdrawn at any time if the Immigration Department is satisfied the passports / travel documents are used contravene against the Passport Act 1966.

The holder is fully responsible for the security of the passport / travel document.

Lost Passport/Travel Document

A Police Report should be made as soon as possible and the matter to be reported to the Immigration Office.

Application for a replacement can be submitted at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting the application form with supporting documents, photocopy of police report and any other relevant documentary evidence.

Approval for the application of a replacement will depend on the decision of the panel.

Damaged Passport/Travel Document

Application for a new passport can be submitted at the nearest Immigration Office by submitting on application for a replacement and the approval will depend on the decision of the Immigration Department.