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Foreign Domestic Helper

Authorized source countries are:

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Kemboja
  • Filipina
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Laos

Eligibility Conditions for Foreign Domestic Workers (PRA)

1. PRA would be:

  • Women.
  • Aged less than 21 years and not more than 45 years.
  • Certified healthy by medical centers to be appointed.
  • Being in the country of origin.
  • Log in / coming to Malaysia using Visa With Reference (VDR) are taken in Malaysia representative office in the country.

2. PRA that failed the medical examination:

  • Not allowed to work
  • Employers need to manage the immediate repatriation to get Memo Check Out from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Employer Eligibility Requirements

1. Application intake:

  • Employers
  • Through employment agencies registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the Immigration office of the State by the employer address.

2. Make sure the application form and required documents are complete.

3. Employer consisting of a husband or wife and have:

4. Children under 15 years or parent is ill / sick.

5. Employers must work, and only one (1) PRA is a family eligible to apply.

6. Qualifying wages by employers to take PRA source countries:

State ResourcesTotal income of the employer (net)Sita Payment (Personal Bond)
IndonesiaRM 3,000.00RM 250.00
FilipinaRM 5,000.00RM 750.00
Sri LankaRM 5,000.00RM 750.00
ThailandRM 3,000.00RM 250.00
KembojaRM 3,000.00RM 250.00
IndiaRM 5,000.00RM 750.00
LaosRM 3,000.00RM 1,500.00
VietnamRM 3,000.00RM 1,500.00

7. Employers who have been declared bankrupt are not eligible to apply.

8. PRA second application, the employer must:

  • Have a strong reason
  • Have incomes under the conditions stipulated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

9. Muslim employers allowed to hire only Muslim PRA.

10. Once the PRA arrived in the country, the employer shall:

  • A medical examination of the PRA in the clinic panel appointed by Fomema Sdn. Bhd.
  • Getting stickers PL (KS) in the State Immigration Department approved it in a one-month period from the date of arrival.

Additional Conditions

1. Make sure that the PRA was assigned to work home (not including car wash).

2. Room amenities / accommodation according to the PRA complete with basic facilities, nutritious food, adequate rest, including sleep time.

3. Employers who employ non-Muslims that Islam PRA must respect the religious sensitivity of the PRA by allowing:

  • Conduct of worship such as praying 5 times
  • Fasting month of Ramadhan
  • Not asked to do chores around the house as opposed to the religion of Islam.

4. Ensure that PRA did not marry in this country while in PL (KS).

5. Note that PRA is not allowed to make during his Entry Permit Application PL (KS).

6. Ensure that PRA does not change employment or change employers without the permission of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

7. Extension of PL (KS) should be submitted to the Immigration Office of any three (3) months before the expiry of PL (KS) after passing the medical examination.

8. For the purpose of advanced PL (KS) or a Memo Check Out, the employer is responsible for:

  • Keeping payroll records showed that PRA and to the Department upon request.
  • PRA Salary shall be paid at least the last week of each month.

9. PRA medical treatment during the period of PL (KS) is the responsibility of the employer

10. Employers are responsible for reporting to the Immigration Department if the PRA:

  • Pass away
  • Disappear
  • Running away from where he would work

11. Employers or employment agencies are not allowed to strike or any act that brings harm to PRA.

12. If an employer or a spouse dies, the employer or the spouse or beneficiaries are asked to report to the Department for the purpose of verifying the status of the new employer PRA.

13. Employers must obtain approval from the Department for applying PRA to stop or be terminated or expired passes to get the memo Check out the Department for deportation.

14. Immigration Department of Malaysia has the right to revoke the approval issued passes.

15. Immigration Department of Malaysia has the power to transfer the PRA persecuted by the original employer to new employer is entitled, on humanitarian grounds even without the consent of the original employer.

16. Employers who want to take PRA to work in overseas missions are required to inform the country of origin of PRA in Malaysia.

17. Employers who have been given permission to PRA, but failed to comply with the conditions in the facility will be blacklisted from getting PRA.

Required Documents Application PRA

Application for approval of foreign domestic helpers recruitment can be made at all State Immigration Offices in accordance with the employer address.

Documents required for visa application process with references (VDR) Foreign maids:

Admission Procedures of Foreign Maids

PRA has received Visa approval letter with references to obtain a visa at the Malaysian Representative Office in the country of origin of the PRA before entering Malaysia.

After getting the visa, PRA can enter Malaysia through any entrance permitted. Immigration officers at the checkpoints are allowed to be given special passes to the employer within 30 days to report the presence of PRA in the immigration office to approve VDR either the State or the Immigration Office of Immigration Headquarters.

Employers or employment agencies are required to wait and pick up the PRA at the entrance.

Employers or employment agencies are required to take PRA to undergo medical examination at the clinics are registered with FOMEMA Sdn. Bhd. in an immediate (within one month). Workers who fail the medical examination is to be sent back to their home countries immediately.

Stickers Visit Pass (Temporary Employment)

PRA has passed health inspections and certified healthy by FOMEMA Sdn. Bhd.. just released a Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) is approved by the VDR in the approval letter.

After obtaining a Visit Pass (Temporary Employment), the PRA allowed to work until the end date listed on the sticker PL (KS) concerned.

Advanced Applications Visit Pass (Temporary Employment)

Application for extension of PL (KS) foreign workers can be made at the Immigration Office of the State or the Foreign Workers Division, Head Office within three months prior to the PL (KS) expired.

Employers must ensure that workers undergo a medical examination at the clinic panel appointed by FOMEMA Sdn. Bhd.. and approved well before the application continued in the second and third submission to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

All matters pertaining to advanced PL (KS) foreign workers in all sectors must be submitted by the employer unless the renewal of PRA can be dealt with by the employment agencies registered with the Department.

Applications that are incomplete or even be rejected.

Payment for continued cover of the levy, visa fees by type and nationality, the payment process and fees for the PL (KS).

Documents to be submitted:

  • Passport workers and the validity period of 12 months.
  • Adequate payment in the form of bank draft or money order should be made on behalf of the Director General of Immigration, Malaysia or the Director of Immigration Affairs (where payment is made). Name and address of employer must be written on the back of bank draft.

Note: Make sure that the PRA has passed the medical examination by FOMEMA Sdn. Bhd.. continued for the second and third years only.

AlternativeForeign Domestic Workers (PRA):

The employer may submit an application to change or replace the PRA that has been approved Visa With Reference in two situations:

1. Workers into the country but not well validated. Documents required:

  • Employer application letter
  • Visa approval letter with references
  • Memo Check Out
  • The original payment receipt

2.Employees do not go after the approval of the VDR is issued. Documents required:

  • Employer application letter
  • Visa approval letter with references
  • The original payment receipt
  • Cancellation of a visa letter from the representative office workers in the country of origin (if any)

Application Memo Check Out

Memo check out the application to return the departure of foreign workers / maids in a foreign country for certain reasons.

Documents required:

  • Check out the application form Memo
  • Original passport of foreign workers.
  • Tickets are returning home.

Employers should ensure that their foreign workers to return by the due date on the memo Check Out the Door Out the applied.

If the employer does not apply Memo Check Out, foreign workers are still considered to be working with them and the employer is responsible for foreign workers.

Report Absconding Expatriates

Employer / reporter must be present to the relevant Immigration Office to submit the following documents to cancel the PL (KS) Foreign Workers / Assistant house:

  • Letter of application to cancel the PL (KS) foreign workers who fled
  • Copy of identity card of employer / employer representative
  • Original passport of foreign workers fleeing
  • Foreign Worker Report Form Escaping from the employer issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • Certified copy of Police Report

Foreign maids who run away will be blacklisted.

Employers are required to pay bail on personal bond rates, which were signed during the application.

Information Acquisition PRA

Caution and Warning

  • Please bring original documents for verification purposes
  • Applications can be made ​​by individuals of all transactions carried out by the employer himself or through employment agencies registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia only
  • During delivery, the application form must be completed and incomplete applications will be rejected
  • Payments to the Immigration Department of Malaysia is made only after the approval of the application and make sure the department received an official receipt when payment is made.
  • For the purpose of continued Visit Pass (Temporary Employment), be sure to check the health of FOMEMA made ​​three months before the deadline passes.
  • Employers are responsible for the conduct and discipline during the PRA in Malaysia.
  • Payment must be made ​​upon approval (levy, visa, process and costs for PL (KS).

List of clinics or hospitals

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