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Who are classified as Expatriate

Foreigners who are qualified to fulfill the following positions :

A. Key Post

  • Top Managerial Post of a foreign owned company operating in Malaysia.
  • Responsible to look after the company's interests and investments.
  • Responsible in determining the company's policies and goals.

B. Executive Post

  • Professional/Middle Managerial Post.
  • Required academic and working experience, practical skills related to the respective jobs.
  • Responsible in implementing the company's policies and supervision toward the junior staff.

C. Non-Executive Post

  • Highly skilled
  • Require working experience and technical skills related to the respective jobs.

Not Authorized Position List Please Expatriate

List of Job is not eligible officers under the trade sector regulated by the CIDB

Mekanikal & Elektrkal (Mechanical & Electrial)

01. Electrical Chargeman

02. Pendawaian Elektrik (Electrical Wireman)

03. Pemasang Telefon & Telegraf

04. Pemasang alat & Sistem Penyaman Udara temasuk kerja-kerja ducting

05. Pemasang dan Penguji Lif & Eskalator

06. Operator Mesin Kerja Tanah (Earth Moving Plant Operator)

07. Excavator Operator

08. Shovel Operator

09. Dozer Operator

10. Motor Grader Operator

11. Scrapper Operator

12. Roller Compactor Operator

13. Backhoe Loader Operator

14. Pemandu Lori

15. Forklift Operator

16. Wheel Loader Operator

17. Operator Kren (Crane Operator)

18. Operator Kren Berantai (Crawler Crane Operator)

19. Operator Crane Bergerak (Mobile Crane Operator)

20. Operator Kren Menara (Tower Crane Operator)

21. Ujian Tanpa Musnah (Non-Destructive Testing)

22. Juruteknik Ujian Radiografi (Radiography Testing Technician)

23. Juruteknik Ujian Ultrasonik (Ultrasonic Testing Technician)

24. Juruteknik Ujian Penetrant (Penetrant Testing Technician)

25. Juruteknik Ujian Partikal Magnetik (Magnetic Particle Testing Technician)

26. Tukang Perancah (Scaffolder)

27. Inspektor Perancah (Scaffolder Inspector)

28. Tukang Perancah – Frame & Modular (Frame & Modular Scaffolder)

29. Tukang Perancah – Tube & Coupler (Tube & Coupler Scaffolder)

30. Pembantu Tukang Perancah (Assistant Scaffolder)

31. Bangunan & Awam (Building & Civil)

32. Pemasang Paip & Sanitari termasuk Pembantu (Plumbing & Sanitary Fitter)

33. Pemasang Paip Retikulasi termasuk Pembantu (Water reticulation Pipe Installer)

34. Kimpalan (Welding)

35. Jurukimpal SMAW –CS Plate-1G (SMAW 1G Welder)

36. Jurukimpal FCAW (SS) 1G & 3G (FCAW (SS) Pipe/Plate -1G &3G Welder)

37. Jurukimpal GTAW (CS) 6G & 3G (GTAW (CS) Pipe -6G & 3G Welder)

38. Jurukimpal FCAW (GS) 6G (FCAW (GS) Pipe/Plate -6G Welder)

39. Jurukimpal SMAW (CS) 6G & 3G (SMAW (CS) Pipe/Plate -6G & 3G Welder)

40. Jurukimpal GTAW (CS) 6G & 3G (GTAW (CS) Pipe -6G & 3G Welder)

41. Jurukimpal GT+ SMAW (CS) 6G (GT+SMAW (CS) Pipe -6G Welder)

42. Jurukimpal SMAW (CS) 3G (SMAW (CS) Pipe/Plate – 3G Welder)

43. Jurukimpal GMAW (CS) 6G & 3G(GTAW (CS) Pipe/Plate -6G & 3G Welder)

44. Inspektor Kimpalan (Welding Inspector)

45. Penyelia Tapak Bina (Construction Site Supervisor)

46. Penyelia Tapak Bina (SiteSupervisor)

47. Architechtural/Maintenance/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Structural)

48. Sektor Industrialized Building Systems (IBS).

49. Semua jawatan dibawah sektor-sektor IBS.

Expatriates earning more RM8000

Automatic approval will be given to expatriates who paid RM8, 000 and above per month.

Conditions were as follows: -

1. Application form (DP10), which has been completed must be submitted with the original Contract of Work that has been turned off a revenue stamp.

2. Companies should be taking their sponsors' Undertaking Letter "recommends that the company will pay salaries and tax revenues based on expatriate employment contract.

3. Company sponsors should comply with the conditions set by the agencies Regulatory agencies such as the Local Authorities have a license, manufacturing license, Distributive Trade Approval carry 'wholesale and trade retaild' (WRT), CIDB certificates etc

4. For advanced applications, the sponsor is required to submit application forms (DP10), which was equipped with "Undertaking Letter", this form of income tax receipts and Expatriate.


  • Completed applications received will be processed within one (1) day Inspection visits will be held after three (3) months from the date of the employment pass.
  • The sponsor is required to submit receipts and income tax Expatriate, if necessary.

Facilities to Members of Visa Business D-8 Member States

D-8 Summit to 6 for the state D-8 countries, namely Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey was held in Kuala Lumpur on July 8, 2008.

At the Summit the Government of Malaysia has agreed and signed an agreement on Simplication of Visa Procedures For The businessman of the D-8 Member state which came into force on January 21, 2009.

With the agreement of the Embassies / Representative of Malaysia to ensure that the visa facilities to the business members of the National D-8 is processed and approved as the following table: -

Visa Once Trips (SEV)5 working days
5 working days10 working days

MEV will be valid until 12 month only and time visiting will be valid until 30 days per entryd.