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What is "management outsourcing program"?

A program certified by Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri (KHEDN) to which appointed agents are permitted to supply and manage all matters related to foreign workers recruitment.

Generally, appointed Out-Sourcing agents are given an initial "Bulk Approval" for recruitment of foreign workers i.e. 500 persons at a single approval for initial recruitment. However, if the approved manpower is insufficient to meet the demands, Global Partners will apply for additional approval of manpower.

This initial quota of recruited foreign workers are brought in and managed by our company. According to the relevant company's requirement, recruited foreign workers are then deployed for employment to the relevant companies of which are in need of their services.

With Management Out-sourcing being the responsibility of the Out-sourcing Agent i.e. Global Partners, the relevant companies will not be burden with the task/hassle of applying to KHEDN for the necessary approvals, recruitment or managing the well-beings of the foreign workers at their disposal.

Global Partners will assist the relevant companies with minimizing turnovers by recruiting the foreign workers under our approvals and managing them for the relevant companies.